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What is Project Cargo Logistics?

Project Cargo Logistics

Project Cargo Logistics (also known as project forwarding) refers to a special type of cargo transportation service that usually involves high-value or high-volume or weight cargo that may require complex and more specialized arrangements to properly execute.

In Project Cargo Logistics, the cargo is moved by air, ocean, and land like regular forwarding shipments; but due to its special nature, it often requires a large amount of pre-planning to safely transport the cargo. Some of the steps include securing specialized aircraft, vessels, or maneuvering equipment, performing route surveys, securing special permits required for oversize and supersized loads, deploying pilot cars or armed escorts for extra security, and more.

When it comes to Project Cargo Logistics, no two jobs are ever alike. A large number of CNC’s customers looking for this type of service are often from the mining or oil and gas industry looking to transport entire oil drilling rigs, coal mine excavators, solar power plants, and more. With such high-value and often time-sensitive equipment being transported, it is critical that an experienced freight forwarder like CNC serves as the middle man to coordinate the transportation process.

Do I need to use a freight forwarder?

International shipping without the use of a freight forwarder is akin to a person attempting to build a house from the ground up by him or herself with no construction knowledge. While this person may know how a house looks like and can visit the local home improvement store to obtain most of the required materials, the person will likely face many challenges in adhering to building codes and safety standards, not to mention the highly inflated prices this person will likely pay for materials.

A freight forwarder like CNC Worldwide is like a general contractor when building a house. We have the knowledge, skills, and resources to complete your project safely and efficiently while reducing the overall cost to you through pre-established contract rates with our vendors. We take on all the headaches and complexities of the import and export process, allowing you to operate your businesses reliably, consistently, and efficiently. And while some larger companies have in-house resources totally devoted to international shipping, for most companies that do not, a freight forwarder can not only provide a valuable service but a necessary one.

So, while you theoretically do not need a freight forwarder, international shipping is no laughing matter and CNC is here to help you every step of the way. Click on the button below to connect with us and learn more!

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