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Who is Cosmo Express?

Cosmo Express is an international freight forwarding company specializing in project cargo and breakbulk movements in the Central and South Americas. Everything from packing to shipping and from customs to delivery, we take pride in providing comprehensive insight and an open line of communication with customers throughout every step of the journey.

Cosmo Express originally started as a Container Freight Station in 1991 serving the LAX area under the name COSMO EXPRESS INT’L CORP. The CFS operation is still serving customers today not only in the Southern California area, but international customers who use the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as a transfer point between the Americas and Asia.

In 2003, Cosmo Express opened its first branch office in Miami, Florida, also known as the gateway to Central and South Americas. Partnering with our office in Los Angeles, we were able to provide a fast and cost-effective freight reforwarding solution to and from Central and South Americas. The Miami office, together with our Los Angeles office, still continues to serve as one of the major transfer cities for a lot of our customers that are sending cargo through air-to-air re-forwarding or a more cost-effective sea-to-air re-forwarding.

In 2006, we began our international expansion by opening our first non-U.S. branch office in Mexico City, Mexico. This paved the way for Cosmo Express to provide an even more comprehensive and efficient service to agents, shippers, and consignees beyond the borders of the United States. Today, our Mexico City office, located in the very heart of the city, serves as the regional headquarters for our Central and South American operations.


Just 3 years later in 2009, Cosmo Express opened its first Asian branch office. CNC’s roots go back to South Korea, so naturally, a large number of our customers shipped to and from here. Opening a Busan branch office allowed us to communicate more effectively with our customers by providing a local point of contact in their own time zone. However, in addition to serving our customers from South Korea, CNC’s presence in Busan also allowed customers from the rest of Asia to utilize CNC as a trusted freight forwarder for Central and South Americas, using Busan as a transfer point.

We soon noticed a growing demand by our customers needing to ship to and from South America. Even though the South American market was being serviced by dependable partners, the needs of our customers led us to open our first South American office in 2011 in Peru, Lima. CNC has since expanded its network to a total of 17 offices across North America, Central America, South America, and Asia.

As shown by the concentration of our network offices, CNC is focused on serving customers shipping from and to Central and South Americas, offering comprehensive international transportation and brokerage services to customers of all industries.

At CNC, we strive to transport every shipment in the fastest and safest manner. We promise to handle your shipment as it were our own, provide comprehensive insight into the status of your shipment, and maintain an open line of communication with you throughout the journey. Contact us today for more information.

Interesting in partnering with Cosmo Express Contact us today to get started!

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